Grant Opportunities

AWARD OF GRANT FUNDS – Grant application for 2017 is now CLOSED.  

Mercey Springs exists to help others in the community, either by providing fiscal assistance, event promotion, or volunteer services. Each year Mercey Springs will establish a budget and consider grant requests from non-profits and others causes in our community.

The grant application period and deadline for submission of requests will be listed on the website and announced on Facebook, as well as through email to current members and friends of Mercey Springs. Mercey Springs is not obligated to honor grant fund requests outside of the published grant application period.

Submissions must be received by stated deadline.  Once received, the application will be reviewed to determine if everything is complete.  Additional information may be requested, including, but not limited to verification of non-profit status, financial statements, organization structure, project-related support materials, etc. Additionally, MSF reserves the right to request a site visit of any organization requesting funds.

All grant applications will be presented at a meeting which will include the Board of Directors and members of MSF.  Award of grant(s) will be determined by a simple majority vote of the MSF membership present at the meeting.