Holding Space

By Kathryn Horner, Board Member What might it mean to ‘hold space’? I think the first question to answer is what is it we may be holding space for. We might hold space for a number of reasons. Here are … Continue reading

Reinventing Yourself

By Deborah Baker, Past President & Board Member Reinvention.  In my humble opinion this is truly the word of our times. I have described my personal journey since taking an early retirement after nearly 30 years with state government, as … Continue reading

By Grace. . .

by Brenda Kress, Executive Director This morning while I sat in a fundraising breakfast for Volunteers of America and heard so many stories about how people who were having a hard time in life were able to find assistance through … Continue reading

This Little Light of Mine

By Jennifer Auvil, MSF Board Member I am new to Mercey Springs Foundation.  One of my first experiences was a tour of Women’s’ Empowerment.  They are but one of the many charitable organizations that Mercey Springs has helped. Once I … Continue reading

This and So Much More!

By Brenda Kress, Mercey Springs Foundation, Executive Director & Board Member Mercey Springs Foundation is all about creating bridges between organizations and people.  Part of our mission is to support other charities through financial contributions, volunteerism and raising awareness of … Continue reading