By Grace. . .

by Brenda Kress, Executive Director

This morning while I sat in a fundraising breakfast for Volunteers of America and heard so many stories about how people who were having a hard time in life were able to find assistance through this great organization, I was struck by the fact of how any one of us could find (or could have found) ourselves in a similar situation.

I could have been born into this world addicted to alcohol or drugs.  By grace, I was not.

I could have been abused and moved from one foster family to the next.  By grace, I was not.

I could have lost my job, my home, and all things of security through this economic downshift.  By grace, I have not.

Service comes in many forms.  If able, you can write a check, volunteer your time or hold compassion in your heart for those who are walking a path that may be filled with challenges.

It is by grace that I am in a position to offer service to many who need it.  That’s what I love about Mercey Springs Foundation.  As the only paid staff person, I have the opportunity to be of service as a job!  How lucky am I?

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By Grace. . . — 2 Comments

  1. I loved hearing the inspirational stories of those that the Volunteers of America has helped. What a wonderful way to start a day.