Mercey Springs Foundation has created the opportunity for you to join as a member, for only $15 per calendar year.  This will allow you to particpate in meetings and take part in selecting grant recipients!  There will be four (4) meetings per year as follows:

  • Business and Grant Recipient Selection
    Up to twice a year all registered members will be invited to participate in business meetings or to review and help select grant recipients.
  • Social Gatherings
    Twice a year we invite MSF members to invite guests to learn more about what we do and to share what is going on their communities.

Any MSF member is welcome to coordinate/host additional meetings outside of the above listed four, generally for the purpose of introducing new causes, programs or non-profits to MSF members and guests.

To join, complete the following application.  This process is complete once your contribution of $15 (annual) is received.  Checks can be made payable to Mercey Springs Foundation and mailed to P.O. Box 1528, Elk Grove, CA 95759.