Reinventing Yourself

By Deborah Baker, Past President & Board Member

Reinvention.  In my humble opinion this is truly the word of our times. I have described my personal journey since taking an early retirement after nearly 30 years with state government, as a time for reinventing myself.  Indeed, in the last few years I have been through a 180 degree transformation on most every level of my being; from exhausted to energized, from near despair to hopeful, from physically depleted to robust health, from swimming against the current to going with the flow, from limited vision to an awareness of unlimited possibility.  That’s not to say I have not experienced “one step forward, two steps back”.  In fact, that dynamic has occurred over and over again.  Just the same I feel myself transformed moment by moment, like a slow and steady turn on the lathe.

I am delighted by how often I hear from people who are “reinventing” themselves and their lives.  People from all walks of life are hearing a call from deep within their being to imagine a life that far surpasses what we have been taught to believe, or been warned away from challenging.  We are beginning to look beyond what we have known, actively searching for a new paradigm; one that supports creative consciousness, that nurtures open dialog and meaningful understandings, that respects humanity and allows healing solutions for our planet.  Contrary to what we might hear from the media, we see this evolution toward a better humanity and a better world happening within and all around us; with the people we meet, the organizations we support, the peaceful grassroots revolutions.  We are choosing to change our lens; to see the infinite potential for beauty and brilliance.

Since its inception, Mercey Springs has been a model of this perspective for me.  We don’t do all things perfectly, but we have dared to do things differently.  We seek a higher vision for all of humanity, charting a new paradigm from a grassroots level: one connection, event, discovery, and community at a time; small differences that radiate out like the ripples in a pool.  We turn to the impulses of our collective heart for guidance and are coming to understand new ways to operate, as economic challenges continue to diminish our resources.  This work takes creativity, energy, and courage.  It takes the rejuvenating influence of fresh faces and inspiration.  It takes the vision and open minds of those who are ready to step up and make a difference, for themselves and others.

 Are you ready to be reinvented?


Reinventing Yourself — 4 Comments

  1. I love it Debbie!thank you for describing reinvention so eloquently for those of us who can’t quite find the right words.
    I find i’m going through the process looking for lifting ways to face my challanges conscientiously and with an open heart and full understanding of my situation.
    Yes,i’m looking for that shining light through new lenses,hoping to fullfill my obligations without resentment but acceptance and courage to face what’s ahead.
    I believe internal revolution to be a good tool and source to start rienvention of self!! at least it’s helping me find a spiritual place for peace of mind and soul.
    Thank you again!!!

    • My dear friend,
      Your words, your wisdom, and your heartfelt sharing of the journey you/we are on is truly inspirational. Out of the fiercest hardships I believe we can become like the Pheonix rising – and you are on that path. I have no doubt you can completely relate to the soul searing evolution that brings us ultimately to a place of greater peace. And, as we are reminded again and again, it is all about the journey. I wish you Godspeed and the knowledge that you are dearly loved and supported.
      BTW, I LOVE the poem. Can I use it for my mandala workshops? I promise to give you credit!
      From my heart, Deb

  2. I am so inspired by all of the people I meet through Mercey Springs Foundation. When I met you and Brenda some years ago through Vina, I felt your presence and grace. I kept running into you and Brenda over and over (through Vina) and later found how Brenda and I had kept “missing” each other throughout our lives! I am so glad that I found you All! Thank you for sharing your poems, your prayers, your insights, your celebrations and your grace! As a creator of a non-profit for many years, I appreciate what MSF is doing to help people realize their dreams; I appreciate being a small part of the reinvention of many. Thank you!