This Little Light of Mine

By Jennifer Auvil, MSF Board Member

I am new to Mercey Springs Foundation.  One of my first experiences was a tour of Women’s’ Empowerment.  They are but one of the many charitable organizations that Mercey Springs has helped.

Once I toured the facilities with the other Mercey Springs women I understood the power of what can be accomplished when people come together with a like purpose.

I have always had my own little light.  But I realized when you add your light to others, it grows exponentially.

I have come to the realization that combining my light with those of the other Mercey Springs members, together our little lights becomes a beacon!  Now I am a part of a group that helps many others.

So, now I challenge you to become a little light in someone else’s life.


This Little Light of Mine — 3 Comments

  1. By adding our little lights to Mercy Srings beacon we will all allow our heart’s fountain to flow brilliantly and illuminate the planet.